Scene writing 101 #amplotting #amwriting #helpfulhints

I found a fantastic image created by K.M. Weiland on her awesome blog to help writers become authors┬áhere. It basically breaks down any scene in any chapter and the accompanying sequel scene, so often overlooked. I say all this with the wisdom of one who has read all of Weiland’s posts on story structure and … More Scene writing 101 #amplotting #amwriting #helpfulhints

#Fridayblogging — How Many Drafts Did You Do Of Your Book?

Today, I read this fabulous blog post on drafting your novel and exactly how much work goes into it the second, eighth, and eighteenth time around the same manuscript. A LOT. Catherine is a blogger who I randomly found via WordPress but whose posts I’m going to start following. If only for commiseration and more … More #Fridayblogging — How Many Drafts Did You Do Of Your Book?

How to know you’re a writer #amwriting #writeon

You start imagining what your characters would do in this situation. (“Shayna would never put up with this shit.”) You cast your book-turned-into-a-movie with today’s list of stars. (Guillaume Canet, je t’aime ) You hear anecdotes and mentally file them away for your next chapter. (A cane, yes, that will do…) No one in … More How to know you’re a writer #amwriting #writeon

Buckle up and get your popcorn ready! #PitMad #goodvibes

I don’t know what it is about #PitMad but it is one of the best Twitter contests IMHO for authors. Not only is it a mile-a-minute-exciting because you never know who will like your tweet (really, you never know, I may have sleepily favorited a few and quickly unfavorited this morning — not an agent, … More Buckle up and get your popcorn ready! #PitMad #goodvibes

The sweet spot

When you write something that you know feels spot on, exactly the voice you were going for, the structure, the plot points unfold just so, that is the holy grail of writing. It took me a long time to figure it out with my first novel (that learning curve is steep), but this second project … More The sweet spot