How to know you’re a writer #amwriting #writeon

You start imagining what your characters would do in this situation. (“Shayna would never put up with this shit.”) You cast your book-turned-into-a-movie with today’s list of stars. (Guillaume Canet, je t’aime ) You hear anecdotes and mentally file them away for your next chapter. (A cane, yes, that will do…) No one in … More How to know you’re a writer #amwriting #writeon

Elle en France

In 2010, I moved to France much like my main character Michelle Fortes in Hearts in Rouen. We both had love affairs with French wine but the similarities stop there. One day, someone is going to ask (on Goodreads or The Tonite Show) if I have ever dressed up as Where’s Wenda and I’ll have to sadly say … More Elle en France

So it begins

Welcome (“…to Jurassic Park!”) to my author blog! It’s been a long time in the making, almost as long as I’ve been toying with/obsessing over/ruminating on subplots of my New Adult novel Hearts in Rouen. I’ve got a few other ideas floating about and incubating on my laptop but for the time being, I’m happy to revel in … More So it begins