The Paris Twin


Devastated by the news of her twin sister Angela’s death, twenty-four year old Shayna Daniels arrives in Paris to collect her belongings, identify the body, and get back home before medical school starts in two weeks. But police are baffled by the strange symbol tattooed on Angela’s ankle and the utter lack of clues. When Sebastien, Angela’s boyfriend, shows up pleading for closure, Shayna agrees to re-trace Angela’s footsteps, hoping to discover the truth behind her sister’s death.

While searching Angela’s apartment, Shayna finds a message written in their childhood twin language: ALIVE. TRUST NO ONE. Terrified but determined to find Angela, Shayna must navigate the alleyways of Paris with her shoddy French, dodge Sebastien’s insistent help, and decipher why Angela’s neighbor keeps crossing her path. Unfamiliar with Angela’s recent life, their communication having thinned after their parent’s death two years earlier, Shayna must follow her gut and channel the deep connection Angela always believed existed between them in order to locate her. Quickly. Before someone else does.

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