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After five, almost six, years into writing, I think the single most important thing an aspiring author needs is – you guessed it – community. Through all the Twitter contests, slush pile submissions, QueryTracker questions, and QueryManager uploads, my writer friends have been my rocks. The people on whom I rely for beta reading and general emotional support as we each navigate this windy road to publication.

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend getting involved in the Twitter community – join conversations on hashtags like #ontheporch, #amwriting, #writercommunity, and other threads like #CPmatch for those on the hunt for critique partners. There are also great facebook writing groups, I guarantee, in your local area, or local critique groups that you can probably locate via your neighborhood bookstore (they still exist!).

Us writers tend to be lonely folk when we’re drafting pages, but we don’t have to be! Like anything, you get what you put into it. So get out there! Tweet something writer-related, or @ me and I’ll @ you back. Reach out when you’re not sure your book will ever be in print, or read by strangers, and we, your writing community, will send you a gif.

Write on, friends!


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