Story Structure a.k.a. Your Alliterative Espresso #amediting #amwriting

When writing a story I love to open a bottle of wine, pour myself a glass, and let the words flow. It’s important for me to consider my laptop a “safe space”, where I can write anything I want, so long as I’m getting words on the page. Sometimes they make sense – brilliant paragraphs of prose! – while other times, I wake up the next day, and gut a page and a half.

That’s where story structure comes into play. Does the scene have a full arc? Does the chapter contain the right amount of conflict and resolution? How does this move the plot along overall, and in that specific part of the book? I used to think, intuitively, I got that. No problem! But every time a chapter, or part of the book didn’t feel right, I went back and consulted my story structure guru, K.M. Weiland. I seriously can’t shout from the mountaintops loud enough about how helpful her tutorials are, even when compared to other breakdowns available on the internet.

If you’re struggling with an aspect of your book, I’d suggest you start with her website. Then maybe buy one of her e-books on story structure. Or three.

Meanwhile, I’ll be pouring myself another cup of coffee because writing = wine time, while editing = early days and aromatic beans. Happy editing, friends!


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