Revision = Life #amwriting #amquerying

After #RevPit (the incredible Twitter contest provided by a slew of talented editors during which they dedicate a month of their services – see my post here), I took a good two months away from my manuscript. I saw friends, experienced a few major life changes, read A LOT, and beta read two CPs’ manuscripts. In short, I was very city productive.









All these things were great and important for my relationships/sanity/astigmatism prescription – but I didn’t move the needle in the direction I’m aiming for. —-> the Big Dreams light at the end of the tunnel.


Now that my eyeballs have rested, I’m diving back into not one, but two manuscripts that I’m shopping around, and really enjoying the reunion. As repetitive as revising (and revising and re-revising, again) can be, the whole process is kind of like…life.

You wake up, go to school, go to rehearsal for that play (I know it’s not just me, all you creatives), go to sleep.

Soon, you wake up, go to work, go to that post-work meetup with friends at Chevy’s for the free salsa (definitely not just me), go to sleep.

Within that framework, you’re repeating the same actions, efforts, and quips until you get each of them right. We’re constantly revising until we actually learn the lessons that life (and all-day-happy-hour at Chevy’s) offers.

In that sense, I feel more motivated than ever to attack syntax, semantics, and grammar enigmas, until the right agent recognizes the proverbial gold mine of tortilla balls I’m shopping around.


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