Think like Tommy Wiseau #TheRoom #bigdreams #amwriting

In 2003, director-writer-actor-star Tommy Wiseau released his masterpiece film, The Room. It was quickly dubbed a disasterpiece for its laughable attempts at just about everything serious. (If you haven’t seen it, do so immediately – cult classic – you’ll thank me – think Rocky Horror Picture Show) Once the jeers died down a few years later, a devoted following began screening the film at monthly intervals, which is where the cult aspect came into play. People brought props, dressed up, and recited lines from the film together in the audience. It was (finally) a hit!

Now, I hear James Franco directed and wrote a biopic about Tommy Wiseau and the The Room period called, The Disaster Artist. Franco’s film is generating Oscar buzz. (It did naaaawhhht — inside The Room joke, wait for it) Which got me thinking: this is a film I discovered while living abroad that me and my ex-pat American cohorts relentlessly quoted, laughed at, and watched pretty much on repeat for months on our computers, about a decade after it was released and in France. It was internationally known!

If Tommy Wiseau can achieve household success/notoriety/an Oscar-buzzed film about him over a decade after he meant for it to happen (and certainly under less derisive conditions), we should all be as myopic in our pursuits of big dreams, goals, and artistic expressions.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough and keep at it! But–whatever you do– ensure you have a dozen objective people read your script for honest feedback. Then, do you. Do you, Tommy!

Do, you.





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