Twitter contest fever #amwriting #cowbell

I’ve got a fever. And the only cure….




Is more Twitter contests!

High off of great revisions and critiques from Pitch Wars, I jumped back in the fire with Pitch Slam, another contest meant to showcase your best work to prospective literary agents. Rules and details for Pitch Slam can be found here.

Aren’t you tired of Twitter pitch contests, you ask? Especially after winning Page 70 Pit in July in the Adult category? Casual plug to winning post

No! Because although I won Page 70 Pit, it was based on the 70th page of my Thriller Romance and my first chapter needed more work to reel in the agents. Intro Pitch Slam! A contest that provides a built-in week of free critiques and feedback on your 35-word pitch and first 250 words before the actual contest.

Receiving the thoughtful words of three different industry professionals is such a gift and also an affirmation that publishing is subjective. One person’s opinion may not match another’s. While that’s an easy out to brush off criticism you might not like, it’s hard to ignore when multiple opinions are bemoaning the same issue.

With that in mind, after trading critiques with friends, CPs, and Twitter acquaintances, I feel my MS is ready to take on the submission button.

So hurry up Saturday! I’ve got a hankering for more Twitter pitch contests!



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