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Great advice: PitchWars and Walking Away #amreading

Friends, check out this post from author Michael Mammay below. I found it to be really insightful on how to walk away from a 1st MS and when you know. Considering I just did the same thing with mine (walk away for about a year and a half, then jumped in and TORE. IT. APART.) I thought I would share. Great advice!


I put out a call for Pitch Wars questions tonight. In this post, I’ll answer some of them. These are off the top of my head answers, not at all researched, and not at all definitive. In almos…

Source: Answer to Random PW Questions

5 thoughts on “Great advice: PitchWars and Walking Away #amreading”

  1. It’s so hard walking away. I think time is a good thing. While I was waiting on feedback on the first fulls, I wrote a second book and in that time have thought of so many edits I need to make (some day) on the first. Are you going to Willamette Writers this weekend?


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