Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything #BrunoMars #amwriting

Since finishing final draft edits and sending off my precious MS to beta readers, I do not feel like doing a damned thing. Except for binge-watch movies and binge-read the stack of books by my bed.

And you know what?


Giving myself permission to completely re-charge has energized me in ways I haven’t felt since beginning edits back in April. I go on walks, I read, I tweet, I happy hour, I lunch date, and I don’t obsess over revisions. Really! I’ve had pretty much an amazing week, even receiving some encouraging #amwriting news, and it’s all thanks to taking a step back.

Granted I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that unless I had totally exhausted my reserves from the last time chillin-out-max-n-relaxin-all-cool period but this feels warranted as a result.

So go ahead creative person you! Take a load off. Buy some stinky cheese and re-charge. You’ll thank me for it.



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