Winner of Pg70Pit! #amwriting #amquerying

Despite going camping the weekend of the submission window and having to stand on one foot while balancing a s’mores wire hanger to get reception, I managed to enter #pg70pit, the Twitter contest focused on voice.

AND WON! My entry under code name, I Know Right Where I Went Wrong, can be read here by inquiring minds, agents, and curious onlookers: Click me!


The contest is unique in that entries are judged on their 70th page only, on the theory that the plot should be well underway by page 70 and the voice well established. The genius behind the contest is detailed here: contest deets

Out of 140 Adult entries, my Romance Thriller was chosen among the top 14! The manuscript, titled Postcards of Ruin, is currently seeking representation and definitely seeking agent requests.

If you have any comments on my 70th page, feel free to post below. Thanks for reading!

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