Contests galore! #flashfiction #amwriting

January is come and gone with February standing tall! So many changes have already occurred, not the least of which is my move to Portland, Oregon – Hello Stumptown!

I’m actually talking about new writing contests! PitMatch is sure to be a great time and I will definitely be watching from the sidelines, if not downright participating as an entrant. My MS is looking for a long-term commitment and has no need of the mild flirtations that have taken up its dance card these last few months. It’s looking for longevity! Inspiration! Loyalty! A contract! And if not all that, at least the opportunity to work on its quirks, pitfalls, and stray hairs. A little window for self-improvement from specific critiques, maybe?

On another front, I’ve had relative success on the flash fiction contest genre but can’t share anything yet. Huzzah!

Hoping to get you details for the next contests that catch my eye soon! Meanwhile, thank your stars you’re not thigh-high in moving boxes and can still reach your computers without back bending over a couch.


4 thoughts on “Contests galore! #flashfiction #amwriting

  1. Welcome local PDXer! I recall seeing your name out and about on Twitter for us #authors. Were you in QueryKombat or Writer’s Voice? I feel like you might have been and that’s where I saw you on the list? Shoot me a note and let’s connect. Hopefully you’re finding lots of writing resources about town.


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    1. Hi Erin! Yes, I was in QueryKombat! I remember seeing you on those Twitter threads too. I’d love to connect as a noob to the PDX scene. Any insights as to good writing cafes? 🙂


      1. I’m not so sure about writing cafes…there are so many coffee shops, everywhere! There are good meet-ups and classes at The Attic. I took a class there with an amazing author and have developed our review group from that class essentially. There are also other Meet-Ups (which I haven’t checked out) and then I’d say most people I meet through the Willamette Writer’s group. Check it out and let me know if you ever want to meet up for coffee!

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      2. This is such great info!! Thanks for the helpful hints. I will definitely check out the Willamette Writer’s group and I’d love to get coffee once I’m all settled in 🙂


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