I’m back!! (Another round of edits finished) #amwriting #pw2015dw


After a four-week period of hibernation neck-deep in edits, story structure videos, and character arc articles, I’ve finished with the latest revisions. That means I can actually blog again and participant in activities with these time-sucks called, my friends! (jk, I love my friends)

These haven’t been any old revisions, however. They are a complete overhaul of plot points and plot holes that were pointed out to me by trusted critique partners and the generous mentors/published authors of Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars. It was my 2nd year participating (the 1st with this manuscript) and the response was overwhelming….ly disappointing. I got 4 (four!) full requests to read my MS out of the 5 mentors I submitted to….but ultimately no bites. Which is okay! Because the 4 mentors that read (most or all) of my MS provided invaluable feedback explaining why my MS wasn’t for them, and offered suggestions on how to make it stronger.

I’m always in for constructive criticism, and these polite no-thank-yous served to catalyze my Type A side. I’m talking story boards, color-coordinated pinch points, post-its, Word docs, Excel docs, mountains and mountains of notes. And a knot right beneath my right shoulder blade, let’s not forget that (because I never can). I undertook this like a new job and after weeks of mulling and four weeks of intensive edits, my MS is ready for a round of beta readers.

Hopefully this leads to another set of constructive criticisms that will strengthen my MS, in time for querying agents by December. If not, I’ll have a wider window for other time-sucks, like the crew from Mystic Falls! #winning


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