Parts Unknown and Writing #Travel #cuisine #amwriting

I love Anthony Bourdain and all that he brings to a conversation: earthy observations, educated assessments, and American sass to international locales. He’s pretty great. But what I love most is the way he transports the viewer of his videos/program to the location in question – the way he allows us to smell, taste, and … More Parts Unknown and Writing #Travel #cuisine #amwriting

I’m back!! (Another round of edits finished) #amwriting #pw2015dw

After a four-week period of hibernation neck-deep in edits, story structure videos, and character arc articles, I’ve finished with the latest revisions. That means I can actually blog again and participant in activities with these time-sucks called, my friends! (jk, I love my friends) These haven’t been any old revisions, however. They are a complete … More I’m back!! (Another round of edits finished) #amwriting #pw2015dw