Scene writing 101 #amplotting #amwriting #helpfulhints

I found a fantastic image created by K.M. Weiland on her awesome blog to help writers become authors here. It basically breaks down any scene in any chapter and the accompanying sequel scene, so often overlooked.


I say all this with the wisdom of one who has read all of Weiland’s posts on story structure and who has now saved said graphic as her desktop wallpaper. (Prior to studying this graphic, I completely overlooked. “What sequel scene???”)

Basically, I’m thrilled I found such a resource in one place and hope you find it useful too! I’ve read other breakdowns of how story structure works (both typical and atypical) but never really digested it, understood it. Call me a mix of Type A and Type C, but I need the bits of quantitative info that Weiland provides (Your first plot point should go around the 25% mark, for example).

Granted, while there’s no correct way to write a story, it helps to have her voice and identify my own intuitive ideas about writing. You can always feel when a moment is delayed or premature but I never fully grasped why. This scene graphic is a helpful hint explaining a blip of those mechanics.


5 thoughts on “Scene writing 101 #amplotting #amwriting #helpfulhints

      1. I tend to read so many posts from the book blogging side of things that I have a horrible tendency to not go out and check the writer blogs out there as well. If they’re not on WordPress I don’t see them as often, so I really appreciate both your share and your perspective. Writing a good scene can be so daunting at times! Lol.

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      2. This is so true, especially in those times when you think you’re the only one struggling. Or maybe that’s just me, lol. But I definitely go through cycles of self doubt and then highs of feeling unstoppable. It’s during those lows that it is encouraging to know that I’m not at all alone, that this WIP stuff is hard and that there is a community out there that is loving and incredibly supportive.


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