Writing Motivation or Getting Back on that Plane #amwriting #amediting #shia

Just returned from a 12-day whirlwind in Europe, the whole time during which I was thinking about edits or how to clinch that tricky plot line. Okay, not the whole time. But enough to where I’m excited to be home and ready to attack!


Writing can be hard sometimes, difficult to draw out exactly what you’re looking for, while editing can be downright heartbreaking. Realizing your favorite scene or character serves less a purpose and more an indication of how tired you were when you cranked out that chapter during your lunch break is the worst. But it must be done!

Here’s a link I found to a list of ways to stay motivated and write: http://www.writersdigest.com/tip-of-the-day/make-time-to-write-10-tips-for-daily-writing I think #1 and #10 are particularly essential, but whatever works for you.

Then again, if lists don’t work for you, just be like Shia, a guy who grew up with hard times and then had the hard task of leaving Even Stevens behind for a successful career, and achieve your goals. Be them daily word counts or dreamy mirages at 10,000 feet.


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