The highs and lows of writing a novel #amwriting #authorlife #PitchWars

When you finally nail down the idea that has been skirting the edges of your consciousness, it feels amazing! I remember doing a darn jig when I realized, not only did I have a good idea based on the half asleep notions that had been plaguing me for months, but it could be a well-conceived, cohesive NOVEL!


Then you grind on into endless nights and lunch hours at your day job and wonder if it will ever end and where were you going with this, when did that plot twist make sense again, before you complete your MS and realize you have GOLD.


I thought I was done with the highs and lows of writing a novel but then I entered Pitch Wars, an awesome Twitter contest put on by the amazing Brenda Drake. While waiting for the mentee list to be released on September 2, it’s been a lot of agonizing over adverbs and mentor stalking (the nice, harmless kind) on Twitter. Then I began re-reading my book only to find I love it as much as the first time around, if not more. (#humblebrag)

Regardless of what happens in this contest or any other, or whatever bombs get lobbed into the query trenches, I’ve already got this victory under my belt. Success!!


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