Pick me! Pick me! (#PitchWars Mentee Bio)

Hello! Bonjour ! Hola ! I’m an ex-ex pat whose creative writing got kickstarted while living in France, and continues to be honed in Los Angeles. (This is where you, Madame/Monsieur Mentor, come in)


Whatever your mentoring style, I’m ready. I’m one of six kids, so I know how to compromise, and I’m a younger sibling so I know how to suck it up and do things I don’t really wanna.


Reasons why you should PICK ME: 

1) I used to teach English in France, so I have a way with syntax.


Deux) I speak French and can tell you all the words to Lady Marmalade.

3) I’ve been researching all kinds of thrillers (my entry’s genre) and basically anything I can get my hands on lately. These are the books I’ve read in the last month: Stephen King’s On Writing, The Girl on the Train, Dark Places, Sharp Objects, Harlan Coben’s Back Spin, Carrie, If I Stay, Beautiful Disaster, Losing It. I get how important it is to read outside of your genre and am willing to think outside the conventional box.

4) I bake. A LOT. I stress bake so that I can stress eat (if need be). See recent GIF of me, below:


Let me know your fav cookie AND I’LL MAKE IT FOR YOU.

5) I will work so hard and revise like a madwoman until my MS is perfect. Really. I’m also half-Chinese so this may or may not be a video taken of me as a diligent child.


So, mull it over! I love love love editing and my MS just needs that dash of something special. We could be great, you and I, the start of something beautiful! Hope to hear from you soon!


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