Five things Stand By Me teaches about writing

Love this blog post on writing! And since I’m at the tail-end of Stephen King’s, On Writing, it’s an even more fitting candidate for reblogging. Thanks Leslie for the insightful breakdown of Stand By Me!

Literary Dialogue

In 1986, Rob Reiner gifted the world his vision of Stephen King’s novella, The Body, in the form of the film know as Stand By Me.

I first watched Stand By Me with some friends at the movie theater when I was an early teen. I was shocked to see as many adults, if not more, watching the film than kids my age, which was the same age as the characters in the movie. Moreover, while I enjoyed the movie at the time, I’ve come to realize it holds great lessons in storytelling.

Stand_by_me1) The age of the main character can have little to do with your target demographic (i.e. YA in this case)

The characters in the movie are twelve years old and moving up a grade where they will choose on of two academic flows; advanced classes heading for college, or shop classes heading for the local…

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