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Donor Eggs and Infertility: New Book Examines the Process

Great interview and blog post on infertility! Tegan handles a sensitive subject with grace and a refreshing transparency. Can’t wait for her book INCONCEIVABLE to come out in November!

Tegan Wren Writes

Alicia-Young-Author-photo-254x300I recently had the pleasure of reading the book Two Eggs, Two Kids by Alicia Young. (She’s also written a book called The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Grace, and it’s on my To Be Read list!) With much compassion and intelligence, she writes about her experience donating eggs twice to couples experiencing infertility. (My full review is on Goodreads.)

Alicia began her career as a television journalist in Australia, covering local, national, and international news. She’s lived and worked all over the globe and has covered major world events. Now an award-winning author of multiple books, Alicia spoke with me recently about infertility, egg donation, and her book.

Tegan: Alicia, you demonstrate such incredible sensitivity and empathy for people dealing with infertility–thank you for that! How did your understanding and perceptions of infertility evolve through the process of donating your eggs?
Alicia: Thank you! That…

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3 thoughts on “Donor Eggs and Infertility: New Book Examines the Process”

  1. Thank you Elle! What a lovely surprise, I don’t take it for granted for a moment. And I’m doing backing vocals: couldn’t agree more that Tegan handles a difficult subject with grace.Thanks for keeping the conversation going.

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