Plotting vs Pantsing #amediting #amwriting #StephenKing #OnWriting

I’m about three-quarters of the way through Stephen King’s memoir on craft, On Writing. And LOVING it. Obtaining a sneak peek into one of the great fiction writers of our time, arguably the best alive today (certainly one of the most prolific), has been an eye-opening experience. To put my money where my mouth is, I actually ordered a copy of Carrie yesterday just to see what launched King’s career from a typewriter and the basement of a mobile trailer.


However, yesterday I entered the section of the “Toolbox,” King’s explanatory chapters on the mechanics or writing, or how to form a compelling, engaging paragraph. I was shocked to learn he doesn’t really plot.


Having written two novels now, one of which was pantsed, the other plotted, I know my personal style needs some formatting. In order to achieve the twisty, turny nature of books I love to read, I need a good skeleton of where my characters will take me. But learning that one of the greats employs a more organic strategy makes me second-guess all my notebook pages riddled with ink and diagrams. Could it be possible to create a hybrid of pants-plotting??


At the very least, my next novel’s process will be ratings-worthy.

2 thoughts on “Plotting vs Pantsing #amediting #amwriting #StephenKing #OnWriting

  1. I adore King’s book On Writing. I never tire of reading about different approaches to writing! I appreciate your concept of the hybrid model. I write my first novel pantser style and it nearly did me in. I’m looking forward to using a more plot-based approach for #2, but in a way that still leaves some surprises for me along the way. Great post, Elle. Thank you!

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