TWIN FOR THE WIN is in!! — 1st Round of #QueryKombat #amkombatting #cookieme

Remember my blog post mentioning all the awesome Twitter contests last week?

The results of the first round of Query Kombat are in…and I was picked!! From ~245 entries, Kombatants were whittled down to 64 lucky individuals, based on a query and first 250 words of their manuscript. All the early mornings I’ve been tweeting and blogging about, the lunches spent writing at my day job, and late evenings sneaking in an extra 500 words before bedtime, seem worth it now! At least in the sense that my first 250 are eye-catching enough to make this first cut. I’ll take that victory and run!

Congratulations to all the Query Kombattants out there who made this round and everyone who participated, because writing a book is a big thang and certainly no easy feat. Twitter contests put on by our fabulous hosts, the volunteering judges, and interested agents, are all another shade of the grand querying process. It is a marathon struggle, and no quick sprint.

So…keeping all that in mind… I’m gonna do a quick dance and celebrate this first bend in the road with a cookie. Or eight.


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