Weather vs. Writing #writeordie #koolaidme #amwriting #90high

Living in Los Angeles, you expect a certain level of fair weather. Big, fluffy clouds, if any, sunshine, and the occasional three days of rain. Then Summer hits with no warning (aside from the unseasonably warm April and, oh yeah, that ongoing panic-inducing drought) and suddenly it’s 70 degrees before 8am.

How does this relate to writing?


You try getting up your usual hour early before your day job to knock out three pages when the sweet, comforting warmth of an early heatwave lulls you to stay in your air conditioned sheets an extra thirty minutes. Better still, try being productive after working eight hours, when you have a balcony and chilled wine to cool off from the 75 degree 8pm weather!

Or employ that old adage, Drink coffee! Lots of it! (the word “adage” means things I say often, right?) in order to stay awake?


Not in 90 degree weather you don’t. I’ve got to get ice cubes and learn how to make coffee frappucinos, like yesterday. Otherwise it’s going to be a long summer going one page at a time.

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