Buckle up and get your popcorn ready! #PitMad #goodvibes

I don’t know what it is about #PitMad but it is one of the best Twitter contests IMHO for authors. Not only is it a mile-a-minute-exciting because you never know who will like your tweet (really, you never know, I may have sleepily favorited a few and quickly unfavorited this morning — not an agent, people) but you get to see all the cool stuff that’s coming out of your community. The writing community on Twitter is probably the most supportive group of people you will find. Anywhere. So why not take pride in everything we’re doing, to further those dreams, and seek those distant horizons?

I stayed up until way too late last night working on plot holes in a new boat that’s carrying me to those horizons. But I’m stoked to see what creative means will lead others to that end.


Good luck out there, authors!!

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