Game of Thrones cometh! #GoT #geekout #season5


When I first got into the books, I made the very rookie mistake of reading them all. As fast as humanly possible. Little did I know at the time that George R.R. Martin writes by his own rules and will only publish a book when he is 100% happy with it. As should we all. But that makes for an anguishing several years in between books. (Winds of Winter, where are yooooou!????)

Luckily, and thanks to the fine people at HBO (a phrase I’m sure not commonly used), we have something equally as epic and amazing as the books to tie us over!! Season 5 I’M READY FOR YOU and to prove it, I’m going to slobber over every single article and trailer until April 12 finally arrives. Thank you, George. Thank you, HBO. Thank you, Emilia Clarke.

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