To quote the great Whoopi #amwriting #inspiration #SisterAct #motivation

One of the greatest film and sequels of all time, Sister Act and Sister Act II contains a gem that everyone, writers especially, should take note of: “If you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is writing, then you should be a writer.” Lauryn Hill’s character rolls her eyes then lets the … More To quote the great Whoopi #amwriting #inspiration #SisterAct #motivation

How to know you’re a writer #amwriting #writeon

You start imagining what your characters would do in this situation. (“Shayna would never put up with this shit.”) You cast your book-turned-into-a-movie with today’s list of stars. (Guillaume Canet, je t’aime ) You hear anecdotes and mentally file them away for your next chapter. (A cane, yes, that will do…) No one in … More How to know you’re a writer #amwriting #writeon

Tips for writers #amwriting #amtipping #DanWells

A very talented writer friend of mine shared this link, In it, Dan Wells, author of I Am Not a Serial Killer, describes how he learned story structure from a Star Trek role play kit. Re-read that again. Coming from a long line of nerds, I was impressed this Mr. Wells recognized the inherent … More Tips for writers #amwriting #amtipping #DanWells

Buckle up and get your popcorn ready! #PitMad #goodvibes

I don’t know what it is about #PitMad but it is one of the best Twitter contests IMHO for authors. Not only is it a mile-a-minute-exciting because you never know who will like your tweet (really, you never know, I may have sleepily favorited a few and quickly unfavorited this morning — not an agent, … More Buckle up and get your popcorn ready! #PitMad #goodvibes