#Raingeddon in #Losangeles – the #drought years

We in Los Angeles are projected to receive a few inches of rain this weekend. Friday, the roads cleared out. Today, whole days’ worth of plans were cancelled. Tomorrow, I’m pretty sure I’ll start to see rafts inflated on the side of the road in case the deluge appears. I grew up in Northern California, … More #Raingeddon in #Losangeles – the #drought years

5 ways you know you speak a #foreign language #fluently

1. You awake and groggily turn to your significant other and say, “Bonjour!” 2. When you are startled, scared, or absurdly angry you curse in said language. “Merde!” 3. You sing along to the most repetitive of songs. “Alors on danse” by Stromae  http://youtu.be/7pKrVB5f2W0 4. You fight the urge to debate in said language because you’re better at arguing in it. 5. … More 5 ways you know you speak a #foreign language #fluently

Travel bug

When I think of writing I automatically remember moments that have happened to me while traveling. How many people have passed through this turnstile? How many have gone left instead of right? So much inspiration, for me, is pulled from questions that 7 year olds ask themselves. I have at least a dozen ideas incubating … More Travel bug